Holiday sleep kit​ ​by​ ​dosist™

Holiday sleep kit​ ​by​ ​dosist™

The holiday sleep kit includes a dose pen™ with 200 doses of sleep—a THC-focused formula supported by CBD in an 8:1 THC-to-CBD ratio, bolstered with key terpenes such as nerolidol and myrcene—and a limited edition terpene-infused candle* inspired by the sleep formula. Together the two are the perfect gift for a good night’s sleep this holiday season.

The dose pen™ is a recyclable vaporizing device designed exclusively for dosist’s formulas featuring—precise dosage delivery (2.25mg per dose), airflow control and superior heating technology. dosist’s formulas are 88 percent cannabinoids and 12 percent terpenes—NO ADDITIVES OR FILLERS.

*candle included as gift with purchase.


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