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MiNDFUL - Recreational

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MiNDFUL is proud to serve Colorado with the finest hand-crafted, mindfully-grown cannabis. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality products and the very best in customer care, for both Medical and Recreational sales. Cannabis remains an important and effective medicine for thousands of Coloradans, and our dedication to our patients and Medical Members will remain our highest priority. MiNDFUL is here for you. Whether you are a seasoned stoner, cannabis newbie, medical patient or recreational user, the team of budtenders is there to meet your needs. 

The MiNDFUL team’s goal is to connect every person that walks through its doors with the products that are best for them. 

MiNDFUL’s mission is to serve its global community ethically. This Downtown Denver cannabis dispensary lives up to its name;  the staff provides mindful customer service, from its in-depth, expert knowledge to the team’s attentive and friendly demeanor. 

MiNDFUL budtenders can guide patients and recreational users to the best product for them even if they are unsure of what they want. Simply let them know what your ailments are or the desired effects and your budtender will lead you to the perfect strain, concentrator edible. Take the MiNDFUL approach for a better cannabis experience.

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