Retreats Gummies - Strawberry Blast 50mg REC

Retreats Gummies - Strawberry Blast 50mg REC

<p>Remember when you were a kid, counting down the days to your next birthday? You couldn’t wait to be an adult, to be free and do as you please.</p>

<p>As an adult, life is pretty sweet. We countdown to amazing vacations and plan fun get-togethers on the weekends. But what if you need a little rejuvenation right now? Sometimes all we need is a good belly laugh or a great night’s sleep to keep the good vibes rolling.</p>

<p>Willamette Valley Alchemy has created your very own personal Retreat! You can take one anytime, anywhere. Our Retreats have gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for our dedication to outstanding quality and strain-specific batches. Each edible is precisely dosed, lab tested and delivered in childproof packaging for a discreet, adult-only treat. Keep a stash handy for an after work experience or start your day with an unforgettable sunrise hike. Don’t live for the weekend…live for each moment.</p>

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