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Travellers, hikers, backpackers, and outdoor adventurers alike need not traverse into the city for cannabis, Mt. Hood Rec Center has the weed you need. Mt. Hood Rec Center believes you shouldn’t have to leave nature to connect with it, and their recreational cannabis dispensary offers a menu and customer service comparable to any major Portland dispensary. So skip the several mile trek into town, and find the flowers, prerolls, concentrates, and edibles you love at this dispensary served up by a knowledgeable and friendly staff eager to assist. Mt. Hood Rec Center opened its doors to the cannabis community of Rhododendron on Sept. 9, 2016. Most of their staff have been long time cannabis advocates, and with a manager who has her Doctorate in Horticulture, the Rhododendron 420 community has access to expert knowledge. Their team is passionate about the benefits of cannabis, and each specializes in different type of cannabis product. One of their budtenders offers his expertise in topicals based his first-hand experience in topical cannabis treatment. Another grows 100% CBD flowers and lends his knowledge to customers in need of Cannabidiol. And Mt Hood Rec Center’s Doctor of Horticulture provides her expertise on strains with insight into how the flowers genetics interact with the Endocannabinoid System. At this recreational dispensary Rhododendron receives the product knowledge of a downtown cannabis shop in the idyllic scenery of the mountainside. With a menu mainly sourced from local cannabis brands and a staff with extensive product knowledge, you’ll never want to return to the city. Mt. Hood Rec Center carries a wide selection of prerolls, with their House Blend starting at $6 a joint. Their signature strain is White Tygh Dream, whose flowers contain a whopping 26.18% THC and .11% CBD, straight from White Tygh Farms. 710 enthusiasts adore Voyage, and Mt Hood Rec Center carries their half- and full-gram distillate cartridges for your vaping pleasure. Customers can gear up at this dispensary as well, Mt Hood Rec Center offers smoking and vaping accessories for their customers. No cash? No problem! This cannabis shop accepts credit and debit cards, and veterans receive a discount on their purchases. Mt Hood Rec Center proudly offers Rhododendron a specially tailored cannabis experience from the menu to their service. Mt Hood Rec Center is pleased to offer their services at their cannabis dispensary to residents, campers, or visitors throughout Rhododendron. Those in Lolo Pass Road, Henry Creek, and Timberline Rim. Their budtenders are eager to assist those from Faubion, Zigzag, and the Mt. Hood Village. Wemme, Welches, and Wildwood cannabis enthusiasts are welcomed to visit their cannabis dispensary. Skiers riding the slopes of Mt. Hood Skibowl or hikers exploring the Salmon River Trail are invited to visit Mt Hood Rec Center, too. Rhododendron is a small community in Clackamas County, Oregon nestled in the Mount Hood Corridor. This mountain town has U.S. Route 26 running through it and is located between Government Camp and Zigzag. The Mount Hood National Forest presents beautiful hiking trails and alpine lakes, and Mount Hood Skibowl is an elegant ski area and perfect summer adventure park.

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