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In addition to our extensive variety of strains, we offer our customers many other quality products and equipment from extracted cannabis nectar, low-dose edibles, topicals, a selection of locally sourced glass and other merchandise. Nectar welcomes customers throughout Eugene to stop by and check out their extensive variety of marijuana products. Nectar has ten Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) dispensaries located throughout Oregon; six OLCC licensed cultivation centers and three licensed wholesale distribution licenses. The dispensary team complies with Ballot Measure 67 and can be contacted for questions by phone and email.

Menu Nectar provides Eugene customers the finest marijuana products in the market. Their inventory of cultivars includes top-shelf selections like Recon, Black Buddha, Purple Kool-Aid, Skywalker, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Gummy Bear OG, Scooby Snacks, and Critical Mass. Dabbers will find hundreds of extracts that include shatters, wax, and crumbles in strain flavors like Strawberry, J-1, Elite Purple Kush, and Tangie. Take your toke to-go with vape cartridges like Dutch Treat and Mixed Berry and discreetly medicate anywhere. Their menu includes an extensive line of cannabis-infused baked goods, candies, chocolates, and medicated butter spreads that offer up to 500 mg of THC. Customers can apply oils, balms, soaking salts, and sprays in THC and CBD formulas. Nectar also carries seeds and offers a large assortment of accessories like rolling trays and papers for a smooth smoking experience. Nectar only accepts cash as payment

Service Locations Nectar - Eugene is located on River Road between Holeman Avenue and Briarcliff Drive and provides parking for customers coming from Eugene, Springfield, South Hills, Goshen, Pleasant Hill, and Jasper. Customers in the cannabis communities as far as Mabel, Marcola, Junction City, and Bear Creek can rely on Nectar for all their marijuana needs. Nectar also welcomes out-of-state and international visitors.

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