(REC) GUSHERS: Official Cookie Fam - OLD - OLD - OLD

(REC) GUSHERS: Official Cookie Fam - OLD - OLD - OLD

OFFICIAL COOKIE FAM - BACIO GELATO x TRIANGLE OG // Gushers is a strain as unique as its name, with its parents being Bacio Gelato and Triangle OG, cultivated by the Official Cookie Fam. The aroma is unique, unlike any other cookie strain, with a sweet dessert-like scent coupled with an earthy pine. There are also hints of citrus in the undertones. The flavor is much like the aroma, with a sweet dessert-like taste and a piney lemon aftertaste. The effects will hits one instantly with a full body sensation and a soothing cerebral high that will leave one feeling extremely relaxed and euphoric. Recommended For: Stress & pain relief, insomnia, appetite gain, anxiety, and relaxation.

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