Full Spectrum Oil 1:2

Full Spectrum Oil 1:2

Cream of the Crop’s Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) uses 100% pure ethyl alcohol solvent, state of the art equipment, and proprietary purification processes. Our FSO is safe, consistent, and authentic cannabis oil that you can trust to heal. It can be consumed via oral ingestion, topical application, or as a suppository. Our 1:2 (CBD:THC) blend gives relaxation, light high effects with some euphoria, calmness, and tranquility. It contains THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. Stephen Hawking Kush is a 1:2 CBD:THC, indica strain of FSO. Named after the celebrated scientist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, this strain was formed by combining the forces of a Harle-Tsu mother with a Sin City Kush father, emphasizing the high-CBD strain. The flavors of this flower will express a vibrant berry aroma, joined with an earthy, yet minty note. Those looking to alleviate minor or severe pain, nausea or muscle spasm should seek the calming, and sedative effects of Stephen Hawking Kush. 

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