Calming Body Oil

Calming Body Oil

50mg THC 50mg CBD -What does it do?- Our Calming formula reduces stress levels and the symptoms that arise from physical and mental distress. Its therapeutic properties alleviate anxiety, relieve headaches, ease mental strain, and quell skin irritation and flare-ups. -How do I use it?- Massage into temples, chest, and pulse points. Breathe in the aroma for an immediate peaceful, easy feeling. Apply during breaks to unwind and before bedtime to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Combine with Calming Mind Body Creme during massage or body work for ultimate relaxation. Avoid sensitive areas. For topical use only. Key Ingredients Lavender – eases stress, focuses the mind Chamomile – promotes relaxation, soothes irritation Frankincense – relieves anxiety, natural sedative Cannabis – anti-inflammatory, relieves stress What should I expect? Aroma: woody, resinous Product texture: medium-weight oil Skin feel: softening, soothing

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