Lift Tickets Cannabis Infused Pre-Roll – Strawnana Sherbet x Clementine

Lift Tickets Cannabis Infused Pre-Roll – Strawnana Sherbet x Clementine

Lift Tickets are the worlds first Rolling Paper infused with Full Spectrum Cannabis extracts.

Established in California in 2014.

Lift Tickets are the slowest burning rolling paper on the market.

Lift Ticket Rolling papers possess the taste, smell and medicinal value of your favorite strains of Cannabis! Simply because that’s what they are made from!

Lift Ticket Laboratories makes many formulas of Hemp and Ultra thin Rolling Paper. We make Full spectrum formulas, THC infused, CBD infused, Terpene infused and more!

Each strain of Lift Tickets can vary in potency, flavor profile, and effect. Just like the Cannabis flowers they are made from!

Consumers love to mix and match their favorite flowers with there favorite Lift Tickets!

Lift Ticket rolling papers contain organic Hemp Fiber, and 100% pure Cannabis extracts, and that’s it! Our Rolling Papers are made strictly with high-quality Live resin, Shatter, Sauces, or other popular forms of extract.

Lift Tickets believes in putting extra effort into providing world-class products because we feel that our friends, families, and consumers, in general, deserve the best on the planet!

Lift Ticket products are sustainably grown and produced in California.

Lift Tickets also makes premium Pre Rolled Joints!

Our standard Pre Rolled Joints contains 1 gram of premium flower, 1 glass tip, and 1 strain specific Live Resin or Shatter infused Lift Ticket.

These products are handcrafted to perfection by our highly skilled elite team of craftsmen. Though they are handcrafted, there is no saliva used, and they are all perfectly uniform in appearance.

Every pound of “A” grade fully trimmed Cannabis (ready for jars) that goes into our Pre Rolls is hand selected by the founder of Lift Tickets himself, then sent through a rigorous “De Stemming” process, where a majority of remaining stem and leave material is completely removed from the flower. This is done by hand to assure only the FINEST portions of this plant make it into our joints. After production, all joints are sent through another rigorous quality control check before packaging.

Our 1 gram, glass tip, live resin infused joint won 1st place in the first ever Pre Roll Category of High Times Cannabis Cup at the “Harvest Cup” 2017.

We take extreme pride in producing our premium handcrafted products, and it shows in the final product.


Slowest burning paper on the market.

Easy to roll (Infused paper provides support and grip)

Increases potency and effect with no extra effort.

Increased taste of high-grade Cannabis.

Fully infused Paper.

Like a Dab in every puff.

Strawberry Sherbet – Sherbet is a powerful hybrid created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Expect full-body relaxation and a jolt of cerebral energy. A great strain for a balanced social high.

Clementine – Clementine originates from Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Expect energetic euphoria and an upbeat head high. Clementine is a great strain for creative activities and daytime socializing.