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It has the power to destroy entire planets, and you will feel it. This OG Pheno type is expressing a gassy citrus smell with a sour and skunky flavor that kick you right in the face. Another variety of OG is pretty common now, but this strain is anything but common. Give it a try for heavy pain and insomnia. And be transported to the stars.


The Neptune OG, one of the infamous planetary strains of OG kush, sets itself apart by its euphoric onset prior to the heavy, sedative effects, making it also useful for stress relief. This strain also differs from typical indicas in its sweet earthy aroma that delivers smoothly with low expansion. An established winner within the medicinal cannabis community, the Neptune OG can be appropriately described as otherworldly.


Tar Hill has taken OG kush to the max! Battle-tested with powerful OG characteristics, the Extreme OG is bound for glory. Earth and fire meet with rich lemon-skunk undertones to please the palate and eliminate anxiety, stress, and depression.


Nature's Lab - White Fire #5 Crumble Nature's Lab - White Fire #5 Crumble

A one of a kind creation from Nature's Lab Extracts that you won't find anywhere else in OC. Recent recipients of 5 separate awards at the Denver cannabis cup and with several entries into the Chalice Cup, Nature's Lab is the newest in quality extracts on the market. The white Fire #5 is an amazing creation with an earthy, and deep flavor. It smells like spice and citrus and the flavors are so strong they can make you salivate as you inhale. Ultra premium crumble from one of the best creators ou...


PrimaCan Tablets - Indica PrimaCan Tablets - Indica

30 mg THC per Tablet/ 8 Tablets per Jar. Made from pure Indica stains.

Endocann Capsules - CBD Endocann Capsules - CBD

Contains 5 Capsules per Jar. Each Capsule has 25mg of CBD.

PrimaCan Tablets - CBD PrimaCan Tablets - CBD

Contains 12 tablets (10mg Each). 99.9% Pure CBD

PrimaCan Tablets - Sativa PrimaCan Tablets - Sativa

30 mg THC per Tablet/ 8 Tablets per Jar. Made from pure Sativa stains.

Edipure - Cherry Coca-Cola Gummies (250mg THC) Edipure - Cherry Coca-Cola Gummies (250mg THC)

Everyone’s favorite soda in gummy form. 10mg dose per bottle will give you that perk you need. Donate 2 for $40!


Woven Wax Blunt Woven Wax Blunt

3.5 grams of Spacewalker flower with a gram of Spacewalker Live Resin in a woven blunt with 24 karat leaf blunt paper and a RooR glass tip. 

Regular Preroll Cone Regular Preroll Cone

$5 each when combined with donations for other products 


Oasis Battery + Charger Oasis Battery + Charger

Standard 510 Threaded Battery + USB Charger

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