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Jah Cookies Jah Cookies

Jah Cookies has an exceptional aroma with a citrus aftertaste. This strain offers mellow effects that are dynamic but not overwhelming. Great for tension relief and a mood lift.

Papaya Papaya

Papaya offers a mental calmness, while also making you energetic and productive. This strain smells true to its name with a tropical fruit, spicy, peppery taste to it.

Blue Kush (Mid-Grade) Blue Kush (Mid-Grade)

This is a cross between Blueberry X O.G Kush sativa dominant it has a sweet flavor with it heavy smoke and a lingering high that sails you through the day!

Peach OG Peach OG

The flavor is intense and keeps you lifted feeling peachy. Taste like a fresh peach!


FlavRx - Cartridges FlavRx - Cartridges

ALL FLAVORS ARE 1.0 GRAMS C02 OIL CARTRIGES (SOLVENT-FREE) Available in: IndicaSativa Hybrid  Please add choice in 'Notes' 



Breez - Mints (250mg) Breez - Mints (250mg)

Cannabis Mints For Everyday Fresh!  Tin comes with 50 mints.  Novice 1-2 Breez Average 3-5 Breez Experienced 6+ Breez Wait  1-2 hours to feel the full effects. May last up to 8 hours.

Dadchelada - Chilli Lime Flavoring (600mg) Dadchelada - Chilli Lime Flavoring (600mg)

600 mg, Indica Dominant Dabchelada Shaker.  Chili lime flavoring with 600 mg of shatter, excellent added into your favorite drink/alcoholic beverage, fruit, meat, desserts, really anything you desire that you want to add a kick to and get medicated at the same time!!!

Liquid Dab - Tropical Punch Cool Aid Liquid Dab - Tropical Punch Cool Aid

Tropical Punch flavored Liquid Dab Cool Aid. 200 mg Indica Dominant Infused Shatter

Liquid Dab - Med-Chata Horchata Liquid Dab - Med-Chata Horchata

Liquid Dab Medicated Horchata. 200 mg of THC shatter Indica dominant.  

Dabchelada (200mg) Dabchelada (200mg)

DABCHELADA is a new and innovative way to drink your way to euphoria, whether you are chilling at home after a long day, at a BBQ with friends, or getting ready to PARTY! Each cup of this MEDICATED MICHELADA is infused with 200mg of King Neptune OG shatter per each cup.  So every sip is like taking a hit!

Breez - Mints (5mg) Breez - Mints (5mg)

5pk  Cannabis Mints For Everyday Fresh! Tin comes with 50 mints.   Novice 1-2 Breez Average 3-5 Breez Experienced 6+ Breez Wait 1-2 hours to feel the full effects. May last up to 8 hours.


CBD Naturals - Nano Water CBD Naturals - Nano Water

2 ml CBD water. Vegan and Gluten Free. Contains ion-sized nutrients (size that can move through cells' membranes) incased it with water molecules. Instantly bio-available by powering up your cells with a greater nutrition delivery system. Helps reduce nausea and vomiting. Combats inflammatory disorders. Combats anxiety and depression disorders.Supports immune system, vitamin and mineral boost directly into cells, provides antioxidants at a cellular level, provides cellular hydration and energy....

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