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Pagosa Therapeutics - Recreational

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Our story begins with our two owners Jeremy Bonin and Jason Werby who established roots right here in Pagosa Springs.  Jeremy worked as ski patrol and Jason was a snow cat driver at Wolf Creek Ski Area. The outdoors, family atmosphere & Western Slope lifestyle are the reasons they wanted to start a business in Pagosa Springs. With Jeremy’s grow expertise and Jason’s construction background, they built their own grow and retail shop near the town limits of Pagosa Springs. They wanted to provide locals & tourists alike the highest quality grown cannabis & a wide range of marijuana infused products along with excellent customer service. To insure cooperation with local government entities, Jeremy and Jason invested their time in helping write the local ordinances for marijuana sales business in Archuleta County. Our county mandates that we produce 70% of what we sell. This prevents big corporations from opening up a small satellite dispensary and undercutting local growers until they are out of business. Local ownership allows for quick decision making versus dealing with a big chain store. A short chain of command provides accountability. Our standard operating procedures offer consistency within every aspect of our business whether it be the grow or our stores. Locally grown marijuana allows for more flexibility of strains and batches of strains versus having limited choices, or mass quantities from a wholesaler that may be substandard or even stale. We have established clean, consistent growing practices to insure quality & taste along with high THC content cannabis. Our new dispensary allows our customers to view our grow rooms and to see the flowers that will eventually be for sale in our stores. Our marijuana is grown on site, trimmed and cured in a secure clean room then pre-packed into 1 gram or 3.5 gram portions. These measures insures clean “finger free” bud to our customers along with the sealed protection from our arid climate. Our Customers are our highest priority. Customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer Service is not a department….its an attitude.

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