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Philosopher's Stone
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Blueberry OG Blueberry OG

BLUEBERRY x SKUNK. INDICA DOMINANT...partially responsible for the strain blue dream. This Oregon born strain also won the 2000 high times CANNABIS CUP. crystal clusters make this fruity bud a delight to smoke and leaves you relaxed and relieved of pain or insomnia

Grapefruit Grapefruit

CINDERELLA 99x fast flowering sativa for it's grapefruit flavor.... "smells just like a friggin' grapefruit" this smooth and fruity bud has very uplifting and mind clearing abilities. Great for migraines, and helping you get up, get out and enjoy the beautiful days. 

AK-47 AK-47

2nd place winner in HIGH TIMES CANNABIS CUP. this hybrid with 65%sativa and 35% with COLUMBIAN, MEXICAN, AFGHANI, AND THAI genetics, this classic and reliable strain will ease your stress and leave you clear to complete the day. (personal opinion) I'll take this if my kettle starts boiling over, torches my troubles and I am reborn anew out of the ashes. This bud will also help with those suffering from ADHD and depression.

Purple #1 Purple #1

Developed in 1987 in the Netherlands, it was one of the first purple strains for commercial seed sale. This is a very strong, stable, and effective strain of cannabis. (personal opinion) With it being an even 50/50 split this bud is perfect for anytime. I love the smooth taste which reminds me of granddaddy purp, and with the genetics of PURPLE HAZE x SEVERAL DIFFERENT SATIVA STRAINS the effects are quick, clean, and long lasting. PRIVATE RESERVE SPECIAL ON OZ AND 1/2 OZ. RARE STRAIN, WILL NOT L...

Jack Herer Jack Herer

55% SATIVA...Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency. (PERSONAL OPINION) jack is my little muse on my shoulder every time i medicate. very creative and clear headed. great during the day smoke.


Philosopher's Stone's 100% Organic Water Hash Philosopher's Stone's 100% Organic Water Hash

Fruity aroma, smoothest smoke, and uplifting effects of euphoria and pain relief....this hash is organic all the way...NO CHEMICALS USED...dark crust with blonde center. top grade, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING TO SMOKE NO COMPARISON...I'LL PUT MY HASH UP AGAINST ANY OTHER CONCENTRATE, TEST IT!!!

PSH "Body" PSH "Body"

Light coffee brown, 100% organic, BLEND: 1. Purple Euphoria 2. Blue dream 3. blueberry OG........also includes a light dash of Purple #1 and bubba kush....Smoke is great for those who suffer from chronic pain or nerve damage. Very smooth smoke with equally as smooth come on, this cold water hash is the perfect replacement for all pain pills.

Butterscotch Puddin' Butterscotch Puddin'

mmmmmmhhmmmm...this here is a good 'ol ak47 to blast away your nightmares, ghosts, or zombies* GRAND OPENING SPECIAL!!!! *DISCLAIMER....not tested on real zombies...


Aunt Sandy's Lemon Bars Aunt Sandy's Lemon Bars

10 doses of edible goodness.....makes you really goofy and takes away pain, great for a day hike

St. Sandy's Holy Bread St. Sandy's Holy Bread



Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt

"Speak softly but carry a big stick." Have your own big stick that leaves you speechless. Cold water hash dust, and as much premium medicine we can stuff into a 12" hemp rolling paper..good times.....choose what blend of my stock you want this stick made out of;)

Pandora's Box Pandora's Box

15 bogarts in a cigarette box.....we beat you to the punch Marlboro!!!!

Da Franken-Doobie Da Franken-Doobie

"I'll go to the looney bin with you bro...." what have I done.......this 2 gram preroll has everything in it. Every combustible item I have is going in here...DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE HEAVY MACHINERY OR DO ANYTHING STUPID....THIS IS STRONG.

Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket

"I AM in a world of shit...." this guy makes you feel like you stuck a field rifle in your mouth and blew your troubles out the back of your head. this 2 gram premium rollup has a little extra.....full melt oil between a secret layer...this may get messy.

Build Your Own Monster Build Your Own Monster

We give you any size to choose, the option to infuse, and the options of any of our flower......stacked or tossed PRICES VARY ON WHAT YOU GET

Wyatt Earped Wyatt Earped

Blunt pre roll with; PURPLE #1, BLUE DREAM, HASH, AND BUBBA KUSH

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