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Pleasant Plants
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Little Box of Pleasantries Little Box of Pleasantries

Over $200 worth of product including 5 different strains plus an assortment of glass, gear, prerolls, edilbes, and more! Discreetly and conveniently delivered to your doorstep each month. Available in a 3 month subscription for $150/month, 6 month subscription for $125/month, and 1 year subscription for $100/month. Ask one of our staff members for more information!

Pleasant Pack RELAX Pleasant Pack RELAX

- 1g Godfather OG - 1g Presidential OG - 1g Platinum Lemon - 1g Royal OG - 20mg Alpha Vapes Lavender CBD Cartridge - 150mg Korova Triple Chocolate Brownie - 50mg Paradise Hard Candy (Watermelon Indica) - Pipe - Lighter - Grinder $170 value!

Bud Bouquet by Pleasant Plants (Indica) Bud Bouquet by Pleasant Plants (Indica)

Who wouldn't love this beautiful arrangement consisting of faux flowers (to avoid contamination) and 1/2 OZ+ of bud for just $180 ($200 value)!!! Choose between indica and sativa, plus receive an extra surprise gift on us! (Please call for this product 24 hours in advance as each one is carefully handmade to order.) Visit our photos tab to see more images!

Purple Dragon Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon is not your average indica. This cross between Purple Urkle and Blue Dragon is more stimulating than other indicas, providing users with a cerebral and energizing experience upon first taste. While initially uplifting, Purple Dragon shows its full range of effects over time. Relaxing muscles and relieving pain, this strain provides a gentle and effective body buzz. Purple Dragon’s unique effects are complemented by its smooth aroma. Like other purples, this strain features a musky...

Presidential OG Presidential OG

Almost purely indica, this strain hits hard and fast with a sedative effect that make this a popular choice for those dealing with insomnia or stress. THC 24.29% CBD 0.05%

Royal OG Royal OG

Royal Kush’s happy, euphoric relaxation branches out in full-body effects that later ease into deep restfulness conducive for sleep. Patients treating stress, pain, and nausea can benefit from Royal Kush’s potent relief, but less seasoned consumers should take caution with this hard-hitter.


Fruit Punch Fruit Punch

Delta 500. The Cannabis Cup winner. A smooth blend of power and taste. For those who prefer to adjust their experience, Delta 500 delivers premium grade cannabis perfect for greater balance and control. All flavorings are FDA approved, and laboratory tested for purity. - Potent full gram cartridges - Long-lasting and discreet - Indica and Sativa are 100% cannabis oil, perfect for the cannabis purist

Lemon Jack Cartridge Lemon Jack Cartridge

Lemon Jack Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains our 100% organic CO2 extracted THC oil processed from sativa strain Lemon Jack. The descendant of sativa stalwarts Jack Herer and Lemon Skunk, Lemon Jack similarly energizes and uplifts. Known for its ability to produce intense cerebral invigoration and induce creativity, Lemon Jack remains a functional favorite among consumers far and wide. This Lemon Jack cartridge proves the ideal daytime companion. Co2 Clear Carts are always free of waxes and lipid...

Strawberry Cough Cartridge Strawberry Cough Cartridge

Strawberry Cough Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains our 100% organic CO2 extracted THC oil processed from sativa strain Strawberry Cough. Strawberry Cough is a strain aptly named for the expanding sensation it causes in the lungs of those who consume it. With uplifting effects that stimulate the mind and a deliciously fruity taste redolent of fresh strawberries, this cartridge proves ideal for daytime use. Co2 Clear Carts are always free of waxes and lipids, universal 510 threaded, and designed to...

Sunset Sherbert Cartridge Sunset Sherbert Cartridge

Sunset Sherbet Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains our 100% organic CO2 extracted THC oil processed from indica dominant hybrid strain Sunset Sherbert. The result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert displays a creamy, rich flavor profile that would make its parents proud. Indica dominant effects engulf the body, while the mind is gently swept free of any lingering anxiety. Our Sunset Sherbert cartridge is ideal for use later in the afternoon and on into the evenin...

Bubblegum Cookies Cartridge Bubblegum Cookies Cartridge

Bubblegum Cookies Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains our 100% organic CO2 extracted THC oil processed from indica dominant strain Bubblegum Cookies. Bubblegum Cookies combines the genetics of Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies to supremely potent results. This tasty cartridge produces full-bodied effects that prove no match for even the most severe of pain. Co2 Clear Carts are always free of waxes and lipids, universal 510 threaded, and designed to produce huge clouds of vapor for a satisfying hit,...


CBD Capsules CBD Capsules

A convenient way to enjoy CBD at home or on the go. CBD, or cannabidiol, has been reported to have great anti-inflammatory properties for body aches and muscle pain. All of our CBD products are scientifically formulated to have just the right amount of THC to increase your overall well being.

Peanut Butter Dip , 250mg Peanut Butter Dip , 250mg

Our Peanut Butter Dip is made from a classic recipe and is loaded with crunchy peanuts. We then dip it in chocolate, a Korova customer favorite. 250mg THC.

Fifty One Fifty Bar, 500mg Fifty One Fifty Bar, 500mg

Our famous Fifty-One-Fifty Bar is a potent blend of our award winning chocolate chip cookie baked on top of our Triple Chocolate Brownie. 500mg THC

Hybrid, 100mg Hybrid, 100mg

Hand-crafted, potent, consistent, portable, and great-tasting. Starting with a Soxhlet Extraction method, we keep the product free and clear of harsh chemicals. Kushy Punch is crafted and formulated by professional confectionery chefs, for superb quality and taste. We use high grade gelatin leaf, natural flavor extracts, and essential oils. No powdered gelatin, cornstarch, corn syrup, or artificial flavoring is ever used, bringing you an award-winning premium cannabis edible.

Delta Capsules Delta Capsules

Each of our bars combines rich, smooth gourmet chocolate with 240mg of pure cannabis to deliver a sensation like no other. Choose your favorite flavor and melt away with a treat as powerful as it is delicious. Or skip the calories with our Delta Capsules, featuring a total of 300mg per container of 10.


3 Top Shelf Prerolled Joints 3 Top Shelf Prerolled Joints

Perfect for smoking on the go.


Alpha Extracts THC/CBD Tincture 50/50 mg Alpha Extracts THC/CBD Tincture 50/50 mg

CO2 extracted cannabis and hemp oil. Delivers a perfect 1 to 1 ratio of THC to CBD.

Alpha Extracts THC Tincture 180 mg Alpha Extracts THC Tincture 180 mg

180 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis oil infused in organic coconut oil.

Alpha Extracts CBD Tincture 120 mg Alpha Extracts CBD Tincture 120 mg

120 mg of CO2 extracted hemp oil infused in organic coconut oil. No psychoactive effect.


Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub 150 MG Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub 150 MG

Our 150 mg CBD Muscle Rub is packed with pain fighting, organic ingredients. Menthol and Arnica combine to increase circulation and ease tension and swelling. Tumeric oil acts as a topical anti-inflammatory that works synergistically with our proprietary blend of essential oils to ease even the most acute muscle and joint pain. Our Muscle rub not only eases pain it has also been shown to help resolve chronic conditions with regular use.

Sacred Biology CBD Healing Balm 50 MG Sacred Biology CBD Healing Balm 50 MG

Our magic healing balm contains CBD and a bounty of powerhouse ingredients that work harmoniously together to heal even the most acute skin conditions. Organic Hemp and coconut oil work with enriching shea butter to nourish, moisturize and protect sensitive and dry skin. Rosehip seed oil provides a burst of antioxidants that speeds healing times and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tones and scars. Organic Calendula oil gently calms and soothes swelling and irritation. Our proprietary blend...

Sacred Biology CBD Lotion 50 MG Sacred Biology CBD Lotion 50 MG

This beautiful, ultra moisturizing and conditioning formula uses pure, Organic Hemp Seed Oil and CBD to help replenish, renew and rejuvenate even the most mature, sun damaged skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Our lotion is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and vital nutrients making it the perfect product for any skin type.

Gypsy Magic CBD Bath Bomb Gypsy Magic CBD Bath Bomb

40 mg CBD. 100% natural, non-psychoactive, made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, created using CBD from Colorado grown help, never tested on animals and environmentally friendly. Scents: Fortune, Beatnik, Love Spell, Wanderlust, Gypsy Tea Party, Bohemian Rhapsody, Crystal Visions.


Mighty Pen Kit Mighty Pen Kit

This 5/10 thread battery has every feature that your patients will need in a pen. Manual push button allows user precision control over medication dose. Long battery life, over 100 inhalations. Fast and easy re-charging (30 minutes) 3.6 volt setting allows for a heavier draw with maximum vapor. Protective case for carrying a pen, charger and cartridge. Everything you need in one convenient package. USB Charger Additional chargers available for purchase. Helpful for patients who may have lost...

Plastic Magnetic Grinder Plastic Magnetic Grinder

2 pieces. Please inquire for colors.

Chromium Crusher Grinder Chromium Crusher Grinder

4-piece highest-quality metal grinder. Red, yellow and green.

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