Toast Cannabis prerolls (2-pack)

Toast Cannabis prerolls (2-pack)

About: Toast's product is an all-natural, mildly potent, 100% Cannabis preroll. It will activate your mind and relax your body while keeping you in control - the ideal state of mind for making social connections.

Dosage: These prerolls are a high CBD blend of Sativa and hybrid cannabis strains. Each preroll contains 5.5% THC and 11.5% CBD. One puff is like a sip of your favorite cocktail. The entire preroll is equivalent to a full drink.

Details: Toast's Cannabis preroll provides calm in the chaos and brings a medley of individuals together as one in the celebration of being. Enhance your evening with a personalized but social experience.

Suggested Use: Designed to be consumed entirely by you, although we suggest sharing your pack with friends.

Price: $31.25 for 2 prerolls .