Cannabis Moroccan Mints

Cannabis Moroccan Mints

About: Petra, the delicious microdose mint that puts you in control. A precise blend of CA grown cannabis, green tea matcha, and peppermint extract, our Moroccan Mint Petra has a refreshing peppermint taste with light notes of Tahitian vanilla. 

Dosage: A total of 2.5mg THC per mint. 40 mints per container.

Details: Petra comes from Kiva Confections, one of the most recognized cannabis companies in California. They are committed to efficacy, food safety, and business integrity. Kiva's artisan confections have garnered multiple awards and recognition in the marketplace including Best Edible at both the San Francisco and LA High Times Cannabis Cups in 2013.

Ingredients: All Petra flavors are sugar-free and contain the natural, plant-derived sweetener and only 5 calories per mint. Made with Xylitol, Matcha Tea, Dextrin, Natural Flavors, Rebiana (Stevia), Cannabis Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide. 

Suggested Use: Microdosing - A microdose allows you to reduce unwanted side effects and receive cannabis’ health benefits. A small dose makes it possible to use cannabis as part of a daily routine, as there is no interference with work, focus or energy levels.

Pricing: $34 for a single unit