Cannabis White Chocolate Bar with Rosé Champagne

Cannabis White Chocolate Bar with Rosé Champagne

About: This James Jean and Defonce – Custom Chocolate Bar contains cannabis-infused white chocolate splashed with Rosé champagne and showered with pistachios and strawberries. 

Dosage: 90mg THC per bar. 10 servings per bar. 

Details: Exquisite ingredients and veteran craft merge at Défoncé, which produces California’s finest cannabis-infused chocolates. Our seed-to-bar artisanal chocolates set new high standards for the world of edible confections. For the good of Earth, we believe all food companies should push for sound agricultural practices and responsible use of resources. As a result, Défoncé uses only sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients, a foundational effort that does not reflect the one-stop-shopping that defines so much food production. The work demands more time and does not always exactly hum lullabies to the spreadsheet. But it introduces us to (and supports) so many fascinating and principled artisans, and it results in the finest infused chocolate in California.

Ingredients: Refined white chocolate infused with vanilla bean, Rosé champagne, pistachios and strawberries.

Pricing: $30 for a single unit