CBD Rich Honey Straws

CBD Rich Honey Straws

CBD cannabis-infused honey straws are a sweet, medicated treat. 


Organic honey, cannabis oil, coconut oil

  • THC : CBD - 4 : 1
  • CBD Milligrams per serving: 4.42 mg
  • THC Milligrams per serving: 1.48 mg


Add to tea, yogurt, fruit or enjoy straight from the straw. Ingredients: Supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil, honey, coconut oil


Care By Design offers CBD-rich cannabis in easy-to-use sprays, gel caps, vaping products, and edibles. We also offer pure CBD-rich oil in a convenient applicator for cooking, oral dosing or topical administration. We offer a variety of CBD-to-THC ratios for flexible dosing. Our cannabis oil is cleanly extracted using a supercritical CO2 method, and our products are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. We test for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potency, and contamination. We verify that each bottle contains a consistent amount of active ingredient for reliable dosing. Our CBD-rich cannabis oil is extracted from local, sustainably grown cannabis.