Rest Kit

Rest Kit

About: Our QIND Rest Kit is curated this group of products to promote a good night's sleep. Sleep-promoting ratios of THC:CBD and specialized terpene blends calm and relax your body and mind. Use these products to support an enduring, non-addictive and gentle sleep. 

Kit Includes:
Humboldt Apothecary Sweet Jane 1:1 Tincture
Kikoko Tranquili-Tea - 2 tea bags
Care by Design Softgel capsule 1:1
Absolute Insomnia Cartridge*

*Please note if you don't have a 510 cartridge pen, you'll need to purchase one (listed under vaporizers) to use this Cartridge. 

Suggested Use: To support a gentle nights' sleep.

Pricing: $120 for the kit