Reusable Vaporizer Pen - Pax Era

Reusable Vaporizer Pen - Pax Era

About: A premier vaporizer pen, the Pax Era features a PAX proprietary algorithm-controlled heating, which delivers consistent performance and flavor. This ensures that your last puff tastes just as good as the first.

Dosage: PAX ERA uses the Pax Pod (oil cartridges) that are sold separately. 

Details: Expect consistent flavor and delivery time after time. The wide temperature range and precise controls let you personalize your experience and find your perfect settings. With a unique dual-end wicking feature for extreme vapor density, the Pax Era is lightweight and pocket-sized for an on-demand experience anytime, anywhere. Switch out your extract in seconds with SimpleClickTM interchangeable pods. Real-time LED communication makes understanding Era a snap.

Features: PAX iPhone and Android app that connects to your PAX Era via Bluetooth, allowing for better customization and control of your Era. The app enables you to check the vape pen temperature, battery life and even change the color that lights up when you use the device. 

Suggested Use: PAX Era is a low-profile oil vaporizer. A no-button interface means device response is instant, and variable temperature settings deliver the purest flavor profiles. 

Pricing: $25 for a single unit (Pax Pods sold separately).