Coastal Cartridge, High THC

Coastal Cartridge, High THC

Alexander Fields Coastal is an infused cannabis oil delivered in an industry-standard vape pen cartridge.  The flavors are drawn from Bay Laurel, Moss, and Citrus.

What is Coastal?  Think of a crisp ocean breeze, dappled with sea salt, fog rolling in over the moss covered cove. Waves crash in the distance, daring you to enter.

Like all Alexander Fields cartridges,  Coastal is delivered in both High-THC and High-CBD formulations.  Following are the specifications for the High-THC cartridge.

Cannabis Oil: 500 mg
Doses:  Approximately 200
THC content: 338 mg, 68% (14:1)
CBD content: 25 mg, 5%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 363 mg

Alexander Fields Multidose Battery
The Alexander Fields Multidose Battery, an innovation in cannabis dosage control, is a complement to the Alexander Fields cartridges.

The battery both ensures a consistent cannabis dose, and allows users to adjust the dose to accommodate need and preference. The battery is easy to use, with a single button for control, and is delivered with a USB charger. Because the battery uses industry-standard “510” threads, you can use it to power other cartridges.

The Fields Multidose Battery offers three dose options: 1½ seconds, 3 seconds, and 10 seconds. The vaporizer will operate no longer than the dose duration, ensuring a repeatable dose. If you draw longer on the pen, you’ll draw air, but no vapor. If you release the control button before the dose has been fully delivered, the vaporizer will stop vaporizing.

The battery also offers a pre-heat function. This is important when the ambient temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as it would be on a chilly evening or on the deck of a restaurant at a ski resort. Pre-heat ensures that you receive the correct dose when you subsequently activate the battery.

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