MXR Quench 1:1 Tincture

MXR Quench 1:1 Tincture

MXR is our new high-end tincture line, exclusive to Rev Clinics! Our 3rd MXR tincture is Quench 1:1 - formulated as a Cocktail Replacement. This tincture features an equal balance of CBD to THC PLUS Super Sour Diesel Terpenes (essential oils extracted from Cannabis): Pinene (bronchodilator to increase alertness) and Myrcene (acts as muscle relaxer), as well as Limonene (gastroprotective). Quench also features Orange and Spearmint essential oils. THCA: 0mg | THC: 244.72mg | CBC: 5.6mg | CBD: 321.44mg | CBN: 6.16mg | TAC: 578 | 5mg THC per whole dropper | 6mg CBD per whole dropper

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