FloraCal Farms Holy Grail OG


FloraCal Farms Holy Grail OG


At FloraCal Cannabis Farms we cultivate our flowers from seedlings with love, intention, and sustainable techniques. Visit your local dispensary to taste our Legendary Platinum OG, Staple Holy Grail, Dessert DosiDo, Old School Grandaddy Purple and Sticky Sonoma Glue. 

Type: Indica Dominant 
Kosher Kush X Og#18 
Bred By Dna Genetics 

DNA Genetics has won over 180 awards for their work. Their cross of Kosher Kush and OG #18 received the first perfect score at the 2011 High Times Cup. The seeds are always in demand, because in the hands of a capable cultivator, they produce some of the most crowd pleasing and potent flower available.

The best word to describe these buds is “robust.” They are big, thick, tight and packed with trichomes. Squeeze the bright green bud a bit and you’ll experience an astonishing density. It’s a tremendous seed stock plant.

Holy Grail is a powerful-smelling indica dominant sativa. The first thing you’ll notice is an assertive pine scent. Hints of diesel and pineapple add a sour-sweetness. The end of a deep whiff uncovers apricots and lime zest.

The flavor is a little hashy. The smoke has a toastiness that’s similar to lightly roasted coffee beans. It leaves a faintly bitter aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant at all. If you enjoy spliffs, the flavor goes very well with quality tobacco.

As delicious as this strain is, the big draw is the effect. It was bred to be strong, and it is. THC levels regularly test over 25%, but it’s also carrying plenty of CBD. But this isn’t as flat lining as some of the heavy kushes out there. Sativa qualities help life the deep indica effects with an energetic, pleasure-inducing buzz. In fact, it can be a bit of an aphrodisiac.

The high lasts a long time, and winds down smoothly. Like most kushes, it’s well-suited for getting to zoning out at night, but it’s special because it will never leave you groggy in the morning. It’s a kush for people who like strong cannabis and getting things done.


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5.0 ★

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