FloraCal Farms Rose' Especial


FloraCal Farms Rose' Especial


At FloraCal Cannabis Farms we cultivate our flowers from seedlings with love, intention, and sustainable techniques. Visit your local dispensary to taste our Legendary Rose’ Especial, High THC and CBGA Testing Rollins, Dessert Lemon Banana Sherbet and Fabulous Brandywine premium strains. 

Type: Indica Hybrid 
Genetics: Long Valley Reserve F1 X Zkittlez 
Bred By Aficionado Estates

Aficionado Seeds is a globally recognized purveyor of boutique cannabis genetics. Rosé Especial is a mix of their famous Long Valley Reserve F1 and ZkittleZ. This strain is a perfect example of the bold, yet refined, quality of their award-winning work.

These buds are lookers. They’re cinder-block dense, carefully trimmed and seriously sticky. Deep green leaves are splashed with chartreuse and wound with bronze pistils. There are a lot of impressive indica hybrids out there, but finding this level of aesthetic beauty is still rare.

From the Long Valley side, you’ll smell earthy sour and dried lavender. ZkittleZ brings the sweet tropical candy notes it’s famous for. Everything’s well-balanced, bright, but not sharp. Terpenes like floral linalool and fragrant myrcene lend an incense like quality to the bouquet, but citrusy limonene and nerolidol keep it from being overly herbal. 

The smoke’s flavor is dusky and rich. You can taste the lavender, as well as a bit of fuel on the inhale. The exhale is slightly vegetal, like a bittersweet microgreen. The aroma that fills the room is like an exotic temple. Intriguing, but comforting.

This first thing you’ll feel is a warm body high. It swirls through the body like a massage. It has all the relaxation and pain relief properties you’d expect from an indica hybrid, but it does not muddle the mind. That worried jittery nature is neutralized, melancholy is impossible. Higher doses can lead to spacey euphoria.

Muscle Tension
Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms

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5.0 ★

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