Gold Strawberry Banana Cake Crumble (I/S) 71.45%THC (UTOPIA)

Gold Strawberry Banana Cake Crumble (I/S) 71.45%THC (UTOPIA)

This strain has many applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Those with anxiety or depression may feel temporary relief, as heightened senses may contribute to a feeling of being “in the moment.” Strawberry Banana’s sustained sense of focus can also be of use to patients with attention deficit disorders. Its sedative indica effects can provide relief from both moderate and acute aches and pains.  Utopia Farms Extracts are produced following strict laboratory techniques using medical grade hydrocarbons  (99.995% purity) Every batch passes Utopia’s stringent grading requirements before being packaged in their food-grade facility. Utopia Farms concentrates are graded on cannabinoid potency, terpene profile and residual solvent levels, consistency, color, smell, flavor and effect. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: REC SALES TAX - 7.75% REC CITY TAX - 8.0% REC STATE EXCISE TAX - 15% MMJ PATIENT - 7.75% MMJ CITY TAX - 6.0% MMJ STATE EXCISE TAX - 15%

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