Multi Knocker Marble Hand Pipe 3.5"

Multi Knocker Marble Hand Pipe 3.5"

These assorted 3.5” Multi Knocker Marble Hand Pipes effortlessly balance creative glasswork with colorful, tasteful decoration. Rainbow ribboning bisects the marbling pattern of the pipe in an alluring shock of color. The glass bowl is offset by a series of asymmetrical glass knockers that also contribute to a secure grip. This is further reinforced by a ring at the neck of the glass pipe. Fashioned from high grade heat-resistant glass and measuring at 3.5”, these pieces are perfect for use as inconspicuous hand pipes.  Length: 3.5" inches Material: Glass Style: Multi knocker Type: Hand pipe Color: Assorted  PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: REC SALES TAX - 7.75%

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