Sunset Sherbet .5g Pre-Roll (I/S) 25.25%THC (ZEKI FARMS)

Sunset Sherbet .5g Pre-Roll (I/S) 25.25%THC (ZEKI FARMS)

UPLIFTING- HAPPY - CREATIVE- EUPHORICSitting atop of Cookie phenos… the unmistakable Sunset Sherbet is a rich and full-bodied Indica-dominant hybrid showing glistening trichomes and thick frost. Crossed between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbet smells and tastes like skunky citrus, berries and candy. It quickly melts stress and tension away with its soaring euphoric effect. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: REC SALES TAX - 7.75% REC CITY TAX - 8.0% REC STATE EXCISE TAX - 15% MMJ PATIENT - 7.75% MMJ CITY TAX - 6.0% MMJ STATE EXCISE TAX - 15%

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5.0 ★

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1625 East Saint Gertrude Place, Santa Ana, CA 92705