WIFI #43 (I/S) .75G Pre-Roll 23%THC (CRU)

WIFI #43 (I/S) .75G Pre-Roll 23%THC (CRU)

Wifi cannabis strain is a 60/40 Sativa hybrid with a high THC range of 22-28%. It tastes like black pepper and sweet citrus, while the flavour is lemon pepper with pungent dieseland syrupy soil. Buds are piecey spades that have forest green bodies with red orange hairsand thick but small golden crystals adorning the surface. It can treat depression, stress, fatigue, pain and inattentiveness. Ideal for daytime usage.PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: REC SALES TAX - 7.75% REC CITY TAX - 8.0% REC STATE EXCISE TAX -15% MMJ PATIENT - 7.75% MMJ CITY TAX - 6.0% MMJ STATE EXCISE TAX - 15%

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