Grape OG Pre-Roll 3pk

Grape OG Pre-Roll 3pk

1964 Supply Co. invites you to enjoy their blissful Grape OG Pre-Roll 3pk. Behind this bud's pungent notes of cheese and berry lies its uplifting and euphorically inquisitive high. A session with this stuff will have users giggling while linking them to one another on a deeply fulfilling level. Just as the artist Tristan Eaton noted when riding 1964 Supply Co.'s Grape OG through the clouds to come up with the elephant imagery featured on the package, "This ancient symbol of wisdom matches well with the cerebral high of Grape OG — his trunk raised with boundless curiosity, he is keen to explore the world." Each pack contains three separate prerolls with 0.5 g of Grape OG in each for maximum blissness. This stuff is exquisite.

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