Lambs Bread Pre-Roll 3pk

Lambs Bread Pre-Roll 3pk

1964 Supply Co.'s Lamb's Bread Pre-Roll 3 pack contains three Sativa-leaning THC powerhouse prerolls. 1964 Supply Co. invited renowned artist Joe Wilson to indulge in Lamb's Bread and create — and create he did. Life springs forth from a single seed that "cultivates creativity as the mind opens under the influence of Lamb's Bread. It's an explosion of happy thoughts, euphoria, energy, and a lion. Why a lion in the jungle? It's subtle, you'll figure it out." While searching for Timon and Pumba, treat yourself to another pull from one of these three prerolls while allowing your mind to wander through Wilson's ever-growing junglescape. Like his artwork, this Lamb's Bread Pre-Roll 3 pack astounding. Each of the three prerolls burn evenly and is creamy smooth from start to finish. Each package contains three prerolls stuffed with 0.5 g of Lamb's Bread weighing in at a grand total of 1.5 grams of premium flower.

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