Lemon Haze Pre-Roll 3pk

Lemon Haze Pre-Roll 3pk

1964 Supply Co. is proud to offer its Lemon Haze Pre-Roll 3 pack. Each tightly sealed package contains three densely stuffed sticks of bliss with 0.5 g of Lemon Haze in each weighing in at a grand total of 1.5 grams. This stuff won over artist Ben Frey who remarked while soaring with one of these prerolls, "Lemon Haze's powerful amplification of happiness and aromas comes through loudly and clearly with his old-school phonographic horns." Treat yourself to this 3 pack of prerolls to feel creative, active, and alive for hours on end. You'll be up on your feet and dancing to your favorite tunes in minutes. Each carefully rolled preroll contains 0.5 g of 1964 Supply Co.'s euphoric Lemon Haze bud.

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