OG Kush Pre-Roll 3pk

OG Kush Pre-Roll 3pk

1964 Supply Co.'s phenomenal OG Kush Pre-Roll 3 pack is as decadent and regal as preroll packs come. 1964 Supply Co. invited artist Joe Wilson to indulge in an OG Kush preroll and translate its euphoria into art. His mind-melting piece paints an intoxicating mindscape of the ancient Egyptian pantheon: "This is the 'Original Gangster' Kush strain that has a lineage like no other. Go from stressed out to rolling like an Egyptian God. They're as OG as it gets." Looking to build a pyramid in your name? 1964 Supply Co.'s OG Kush Pre-Roll 3 pack has you covered. Each package contains three prerolls imbued with 1 gram of 1964 Supply Co.'s top-shelf OG Kush bud, your highness.

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