Trainwreck Pre-Roll 3pk

Trainwreck Pre-Roll 3pk

1964 Supply Co. treated artist Ben Tour to their Trainwreck Pre-Roll 3 pack. While enthralled by Trainwreck's delicious euphoria, Ben noted about his cover art and the flower, "Dream watercolor brings a transcendent quality to the foggy euphoria that takes over with this train. The conceptual distortion of time and numbers is self-evident to anyone who has been Trainwrecked." These elite prerolls heat evenly and convey a heady euphoria that uplifts and relaxes, making them an excellent option for daytime rapture. 1964 Supply Co.'s Trainwreck conveys a validating head-to-toe warmth unique to these particular prerolls, and with 0.5 gram of Trainwreck stuffed into each to weigh in at a grand total of 1.5 grams of bud, there's enough THC to make it to the moon and back.

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