Equilibrium Genetics - Lemon Glue F1 Hybrids

Equilibrium Genetics - Lemon Glue F1 Hybrids

These are F1 hybrids of Lemon Glue ♂ crossed to various female cuttings. Lemon Glue is a cross of Lemon Tree and Glue 75% (G.Glue #4 x Gorilla Princess). The Lemon Glue male providing pollen was tall, stretchy and healthy. His Lemon Glue sisters were large and tall, displaying large colas with a medium bud density. Their resin production was heavier than either parent, and their aromas ranged from heavy gas to a sweet lemon/gas mixture.  We currently have the following Lemon Glue seed strains in stock: Cherry Lemon Glue (Cherry AK47 ♀ x Lemon Glue ♂) 707 Lemon Glue (707 Headband ♀ x Lemon Glue ♂) Sour Lemon Glue (Sour Diesel ♀ x Lemon Glue ♂)

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