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Solace Meds of Wheat Ridge - Recreational

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Solace Meds of Wheat Ridge strives to be the premier recreational marijuana dispensary throughout Colorado, carrying only high-quality cannabis products. It comes as no surprise their loyal clientele of cannabis connoisseurs have voted Solace Meds as the top recreational marijuana dispensary. The team at Solace Meds of Wheat Ridge is continuously committed to the needs of their marijuana consumers by providing a personalized, welcoming ambiance where patrons can enter to browse their extensive selection of top-tier cannabis products. This friendly Wheat Ridge recreational dispensary continues to carry the finest marijuana products served with extraordinary customer service. The Wheat Ridge marijuana dispensary staff at Solace Meds happily welcomes the recreational cannabis community of Wheat Ridge to browse through their selection of premium marijuana products. The well-trained, knowledgeable Solace Meds team actively engages with their cannabis clientele to understand their concerns allowing them to recommend the most efficient marijuana product to alleviate their discomforts and build relationships with their recreational cannabis customers. The Solace Meds team is known for their superior customer service, personalizing each and every experience for their recreational marijuana clients and are always available to answer and cannabis-related questions, concerns, and consultations by phone or via Facebook. Solace Meds carries the most exclusive top-tier marijuana products, precisely hand-chosen to cater to their recreational cannabis community. This recreational Wheat Ridge marijuana dispensary always stays stocked with the most potent, entirely cured strains like Lavender, Trainwreck, Green Crack, Tango Kush, Banana Cream, and Blue Dream, their two signature strains. Their premium line of consistently potent extracts includes their house Boulder Solace Shatter, and Infinite Infusion concentrates available in full grams. Their inventory of edibles includes a collection of cannabis-infused chocolate toffee bars, gummies, hard candies, mints, and Cannatopia chocolate bars, highly favored by Wheat Ridge’s community of cannabis connoisseurs. In addition to their variety of menu items, Solace Meds carries a collection of vape products including O-Pen cartridges and disposables available in an assortment of indica, sativa, and hybrid flavors. Their extensive menu also includes an array of smoking accessories and pre-rolls. Solace Meds is located on Van Gordon near the Ward Road Pond. This Wheat Ridge recreational dispensary caters to the surrounding communities of Wheat Ridge, Applewood, Arvada, Lakeside, Mountain View, Edgewater, Morrison, Berkeley, and Golden. Wheat Ridge is located in Jefferson County in the western suburbs of Colorado. The Lakeside Amusement Park is one of the largest entertainment facilities enriched in the history, excitement, and charm of Jefferson County for everyone of all ages. Located on the picturesque lake overlooking scenic mountain view, visitors can enjoy rides on drop towers, bumper cars, and spinning rides to kid-friendly attractions. The historic Union Station lies in Denver and provides public transportation for over 2.8 million people through eight counties including Boulder, Broomfield, Denver and Jefferson counties, Arapahoe, part of Adams, Douglas Counties, and part of Weld County. From the majestic mountains to the end of the rail, Solace Meds of Wheat Ridge proudly commits to providing high-quality cannabis products to their recreational marijuana community.

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