Chill Leaflettes by Coast

Chill Leaflettes by Coast

We founded Coast with a simple, yet lofty goal— to create a radically smooth, reliably consistent cannabis experience that puts you in control. We’ve done it by diving deep into science and craft, developing, testing and fine-tuning 1000s of samples and 100s of possible versions. Formulated by our expert research team, our curated blends are tailor-made to ease you into the mood you crave. And they do it in a proprietary precision-rolled form called Leaflettes. Savor discretely when you want, how you want. With us, the choice is yours.

100% Natural Cannabis

We use only 100% pure cannabis with no fillers, additives or pesticides, ever. We partner with sustainable growers in the far reaches of Northern California who care for their crops with integrity and expertise.

Blends Crafted to Perfection

Instead of relying on a single cannabis strain, we curate our custom blends with precision — carefully balancing terpene profiles and cannabinoid content to gently deliver the elevated, yet mindful effect you want.

Precision-Rolled Consistency

We make our filtered Leaflettes with a proprietary technology that ensures uniformity across the board, from packing density to smoldering rates. That means, you can count on a consistent — and consistently great — experience every time.

Remarkably Smooth Draw

Our proprietary filters increase airflow for a dramatically smooth and easy draw. They also remove potentially harmful solids like tar. And no worries, they’re nothing like regular cigarette filters. They enhance the experience, not detract from it.


Our Chill blend balances cannabinoids and terpenoids that elevate your mood and conjure a wave of full-body bliss. We combine Myrcene, a stress-reducing agent, and Humelene, a pain-reliever, to provide relaxation in your body and mind. Supplemental compounds like Beta-Caryophyllene reduce anxiety and promote terpenoid absorption, allowing you to breathe deeper and easier.

Time to Chill...

Kick back with Chill, a thoughtful blend that transitions you into a relaxing sweet spot. Think of it as your own personal happy hour — a golden moment in your day.


Find your comfort zone

Coast 100% cannabis Leaflettes deliver precision-rolled, smooth-draw goodness in curated blends that balance terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Everyone experiences Coast a little differently. You might want to try up to half at first, take a break, then see if you’ve reached your perfect place. Cheers!

7 Prerolls 5.6 gm total weight