Dablicator™ Pure - Goo Berry - OLD - OLD - OLD - OLD

Dablicator™ Pure - Goo Berry - OLD - OLD - OLD - OLD

Toss out those messy syringes! A Jetty Extracts exclusive, the Dablicator™ 2.0 is a direct dabbing apparatus, filled with our finest quality CO2 Wax - containing approximately 70-80% active cannabinoids. Perfect for on-the-go use, our latest version is discreet, durable and ensures that 1 ml of strain-specific product is dispensed completely. Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal tip onto your favorite glass piece or vaporizer pen. It’s also great for cooking and topical application methods.

Strain Balboa Caregivers

4.7 ★

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