Kikoko - Tranquil-Tea Canister

Kikoko - Tranquil-Tea Canister

Enjoy this Cannabis tea for pain and anxiety. This tea should not cause much psychoactivity and is a great entry point to cannabis-infused products for most people. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound (it does not get you high) renowned for a whole host of healing properties (anti-inflammatory, calmative, pain relief. Sympa-tea is more expensive because it contains high CBD, which is currently more expensive than THC. This product is a great entry point for most people. Ingredients Peppermint Valerian Root Lemon Myrtle Licorice Root Rosemary Lemongrass LavenderKikoGold (proprietary water-soluble, 100% natural cannabis ingredient) Dosage THC Milligrams per tea bag: 3 CBN Milligrams per tea bag: 5 Servings per tea bag: 1 Brand Kikoko is a women-owned company inspired by a friend who battled cancer. We offer all-organic, low-dose, cannabis-infused herbal teas. Based on clinical research, each tea is designed for a purpose in mind, pairing thoughtful cannabinoid ratios, synergistic herbs and herb terpenes for mood, libido, sleep, and pain. Caring deeply about what we put into our own bodies, we test everything thoroughly to ensure all our products are pesticide, mold, and toxin-free and accurately dosed. We offer this tea in a single bag for $11 or a can containing 10 bags for $75. Kikoko was founded by two sisters, Amanda and Jennifer. 5% of Kikoko’s profits go to non-profit organizations that provide awareness of, education about, and access to cannabis medicine for critically or chronically ill children. Return to the main menu to see other Kikoko products ready for delivery in your area today, or learn more about Kikoko at,

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