Orange Dynamite Stick Sauce

Orange Dynamite Stick Sauce

When two powerhouses come together, something truly special occurs, and that is exactly what happened when WonderBrett and Sublime w/Rome collaborated to bring you Orange Dynamite Stick! Extracted from Live Resin to produce a flavorful and potent concentrate that just can’t be beat. Sweet bubblegum flavors and citrusy orange make for a dynamic dabbing experience. Orange Dynamite Stick can be described in two words: Pure Fire. With fiery cerebral head buzzes, this magnificent concentrate is perfect for relaxing and relieving any stress or anxiety youve been hold on to. Its definitely a happy-go-lucky mood inducing experience. Great for dabbing right before going to a social gather as it relieves anxiety and provides uplifting creativity, or great for smoking at home as it provides relaxing, mellow buzzes.

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