Strawberry Bubblegum

Strawberry Bubblegum

Another in the long line of WonderBretts delicious strains, Strawberry Bubblegum gives you a sugar rush that goes straight to your head. Expertly grown indoors with the most premium methods, this Sativa maintains the reliable and consistent quality WonderBrett is famous for. Youll be bombarded with a strong smell of strawberry flavored bubblegum upon smelling this sugary strain. You wont be surprised to taste strawberry flavored bubblegum on inhale, but youll be delighted to discover a sweet candy aftertaste as well. For those looking for an uplifting, cerebral high Strawberry Bubblegum more than delivers. Doing what WonderBrett does best, combining consistency and reliability with creative, complex elegance, Strawberry Bubblegum is the delectable daytime candy youre craving.

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