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Cannabis is a wonderful thing. Here at The Arboretum we want to provide high quality products and flower to the people of our community. We also know the importance of providing the information necessary to safely and effectively utilize this drug. This industry is ever evolving and improving, and we do our best to keep informed about new technology, scientific studies, and pop culture so that we can provide the most accurate information to our patients and friends.

We're a family owned, OLCC licensed medical and recreational cannabis dispensary located right on Highway 101 in Florence, Oregon.

We work with a variety of growers and vendors from all over the state of Oregon, with much time and effort put into choosing partners that share the same values and goals as us. A few vendors we work with include Yerba Buena Farms, SoFresh Farms, Treefrog Farms, Revel Farms, Certified Portland, Siskiyou Sungrown, Select, Winberry Farms, Orchid Essentials, Leap Farms, Smokiez, High Valley Organics, Dr. Jolly's, Phantom Farms, Lunchbox Alchemy, Bhombchelly's, Medicine Farm Botanicals, ENJOY cannabis shots, Leif Goods, Physic, Laurie + Mary Jane, and Mary's Medicinals.

We're always looking for new organic growers to establish partnerships with.

We offer products ranging from flower, pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, vapes, tinctures, RSO, topicals, transdermal patches, edibles, and more.

We're a satisfaction guaranteed store, so if you ever have any issues with a product, bring it back and we'll either exchange it for something new or give you a full refund.

Because the care of our community is our top goal, we're always welcoming feedback and suggestions. We take each and every suggestion seriously, and we do our best to bring in the products our customers are asking for.

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