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Today's Herbal Choice Fremont

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Welcome to THC Fremont!

Our product is always fresh, and we always have friendly and helpful team of employees to serve you. Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont offers top shelf flower, extracts, and edibles at competitive prices. Come in and say hello- we’re new to the neighborhood!

Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont proudly offers Portland cannabis consumers an access point for top-quality product and friendly, laid-back customer service. The dispensary staff strives to connect its community with the perfect marijuana product and experience for each customer’s particular needs.

Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont welcomed its first customers on February 1, 2018. The founders wanted to provide Portland customers with high-quality cannabis products in an easy-going, friendly environment. The dispensary team loves chatting with its customers, offering their insight and guiding guests to the ultimate marijuana experience. Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont is the ultimate friendly neighborhood stop for all of Portland’s cannabis needs.

Portland cannasseurs and new users alike delight in Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont’s varied and interesting selection. The dispensary team collaborates with Oregon’s latest and greatest brands to line its shelves, with Gron, Juana and Hush Brands among the bestsellers. With over 170 inventory items from which to choose, Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont features flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and much more.

Over 30 flower cultivars are neatly lined on Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont’s displays, with Purple Punch, Time Wreck and White Tygh Dream among Portland’s favorites. Plenty of dabbable concentrates are mixed in, not to mention the numerous vape cartridge options from Select Oils and Mo Jave. Per Oregon regulations, all marijuana goods undergo lab testing before arriving at Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont.

Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont stands on Portland’s Fremont Street, a few blocks away from the Rose City Park neighborhood. Canna-customers from Roseway, Madison South, Maywood Park and Sullivan’s Gulch frequent the dispensary to explore Oregon’s latest cannabis goods. Marijuana customers from Alberta, Woodlawn, Irvington and Mt. Tabor are invited to explore Today’s Herbal Choice Fremont’s selection.

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