Relieve Terrapod Pax Pod 1:1 .5g - Legion of Bloom

Relieve Terrapod Pax Pod 1:1 .5g - Legion of Bloom

The Legion of Bloom’s Terrapen™ vaporizer is 50% THC, 50% CBD, and 100% natural. By blending The Legion's pure, additive-free THC and CBD oils with natural botanical terpenes, we've created a vaporizer that delivers Legion quality and boundless flexibility. Our natural botanical terpenes allow us to focus each Terrapen™ on a specific purpose. Terpenes give the vapor the great cannabis taste you'd expect from a Legion product, but also work in syngergy with the THC and CBD oils to create different effects. Whether you're dealing with pain or just trying to clear your head, The Legion has a Terrapen™ custom-tailored for the job.


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