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Tangelo, Banjo combines bright, sweet tangerine with a musky cheese and notes of sweet pine. THC averages 27% with CBD around .09%. The sativa influence is strong with a euphoric head buzz being the first sign Banjo is taking effect. A fantastic cure for a bad mood and sour outlook, Banjo immediately lightens the atmosphere. Happy, mental energy can translate into inspired thinking, creative pursuits or social activities. You’ll feel chatty and joyful, free from stress and depression. Expect bright visual effects. The secondary effect is moderate relaxation that will melt through your body leaving you just the perfect amount of lazy to binge watch your favorite show. The sedation isn’t too intense which makes it a good choice for mellow groups or relaxed activities. The high THC content and potency of Banjo will please veteran consumers.   A balanced sativa , Banjo is a delicious combination of tangerine and musky cheese. It provides a strong, euphoric head buzz paired with a relaxing body melt. Banjo is perfect for creative and social activities as well as light activities.

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