Twenty After Four Wellness Center

Twenty After Four Wellness Center

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Twenty After Four, Eugene’s finest medical and recreational dispensary, located in the heart of our eccentric Whiteaker neighborhood.

Voted Best of Eugene in the Eugene Weekly!

We are focused on educating our patrons and providing high-quality marijuana products such as dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and clones at the best possible prices.

We proudly assist the community with alternative pain management and helping reduce the dependency on harmful pharmaceuticals.

Twenty After Four goes above and beyond to offer their recreational dispensary customers a thoroughly positive cannabis experience from purchase to smoke. With a passion for cannabis and customer satisfaction, Twenty After Four loves connecting with and serving their Eugene marijuana community.

Twenty After Four opened their dispensary doors in October of 2014, serving the medical marijuana patient community in Eugene with high-quality cannabis goods and a passionate care for their clientele’s happiness and health. The founder, born on 4/20, lost his mother to pharmaceuticals and after he researched the opioid epidemic in America, he wanted to take a stand by raising awareness and reducing patients’ dependency. He became involved in the cannabis industry as a grower, and when the opportunity was right, Twenty After Four began serving the Eugene medical marijuana community. Transitioning to a recreational dispensary in late 2016, Twenty After Four now serves hundreds of marijuana-enthusiasts each day, aiding any community member seeking alternative pain management and quality natural relief.

Twenty After Four’s knowledgeable dispensary team loves networking and connecting with their customers, forming relationships that go beyond selling cannabis. Voted best dispensary in Eugene by the readers’ poll in Eugene Weekly, Twenty After Four’s welcoming location and stylish decoration create a safe space where recreational cannabis consumers can explore their great product and ask any questions they’d like. Their dispensary team is happy to walk customers through their marijuana selection, and to share their knowledge on growing, cooking, how to get into the cannabis industry, and much more.

Twenty After Four rotates a selection of around sixty marijuana products from day to day, with a pick of nearly thirty flowers strains and various extracts, concentrates, topicals, edibles and much more. Most marijuana goods are supplied by vendors, with a select few in-house grown flowers available to their valued dispensary customers. Twenty After Four proudly carries a robust selection of CBD cannabis options, ranging from tinctures, 1:1 ratios, RSO, and cartridges. Dispensary customers love their Hush line of concentrates, and Twenty After Four boasts a rich selection of glass products, art quality bongs, vape batteries, dabbing tools and rolling papers. All cannabis products are lab tested regularly as per Eugene, Oregon and OLCC regulations.

At this time, Twenty After Four can only accept cash transactions, and offers an ATM in their lobby for customer use. Their dispensary proudly offers a veterans and seniors discount of 10% each, as well as local discounts for customers from their Whiteaker neighborhood, student discounts on Sundays, and a rotation of daily marijuana deals for customers to enjoy. Twenty After Four connects with their dispensary clientele over Facebook and Instagram as well as their website, and welcomes any questions by either phone or email. Their dispensary offers a range of street parking, and is easily accessible by the bus line or through Eugene’s foot traffic.

Local to Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood, Twenty After Four lies in the heart of Eugene’s art district, serving the recreational cannabis community of the surrounding areas. Their dispensary staff welcomes customers from across the Eugene, College Hill, Whiteaker, Western, Danebo, Springfield, North Springfield, Irving, Fir Grove, River Rd, Alvadore, Coburg, Mohawk, Marcola, Jasper, Pleasant Hill, Goshen, Veneta, Elmira, Franklin, Cheshire, Goldson, Crow, Hadleyville and Creswell communities.

Eugene lies in central Oregon near the southern tip of the Willamette Valley and north of the Umpqua National Forest. Based at the meeting of the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers, Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, known for their Ducks football team champions. The Hult Center for the Performing Arts hosts travelling and local theatre and music performances, while the McDonald Theater converted a 1925 cinema into a music and comedy venue. Eugene’s Skinner Butte Park showcases hilltop views with trails, a playground and climbing rocks, and from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art to Downtown’s Eugene Saturday Market, Twenty After Four proudly caters to their dispensary customers.

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