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We have no sign on the building but the Glass Shop has one so look for that, "Uncle Bucks Glass Shop". Here at Uncle Bucks we are on a mission. Our mission is to provide the residents of Billings MT, Laurel MT, Yellowstone County, and Stillwater County with clean and effective medicine. We are considered a “Veganic” grower. Here is a list of our advantages. 1.   All patients are offered a free screening of their current medications list by a licensed Pharmacist. This we have discovered is very important as many patients never tell their non-referral doctor. This allows us to look for drug related interactions that may be dangerous. Herbal Remedy can cause dangerous issues with some common prescriptions. 2.   Clean medicine. We look at what we use. Some things are Organic for food crops and labeled as such but not safe when heated. Huge difference between your Lungs and your Stomach. The State testing regulations are a joke in our opinion when it comes to patient safety. Uncle Bucks avoids those issues. 3.   Most of our competitors pre-package all sales. While the State will be mandating pre-packaging for deliveries our dispensary will offer non pre-packaged shopping. 4.   Daily Deals. Something is going on every day were open. 5.   Client retention. We say thank you in a meaningful way every month that results in $480.00 in free goods annually even if you’re spending less than $500.00 annually. Spend more….. Save more. 6.   Most of our genetics are Amsterdam Championship winning strains. They cost more but are worth it. We also have some strains from client request.

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