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This Hazy Train is a sativa-lovers delight. At first glance, you can tell its a sativa. Large, well-formed buds, covered in light orange hairs, its a terrific sativa prototype. With only a small amount of Ahfgani in its heritage, this strain is rare in that its almost exclusively sativa. The leaf varies in color, from light, creamy green, to dark jungle green as the sugar leaf extends. Crystals are heavily dispersed all over the flower, but seem to congregate in peaks over certain areas, giving the appearance of little snow drifts on peaks. The fragrance of this Hazy Train is diverse, as is the flavor. With hints of pine, sweet, and an undetermined savory flavor, this flower was delicious. And the effect was wonderful too. Its so rare that we get to indulge in such a sativa-dominant strain, and we enjoyed the experience immensely. Though not the most energetic of strains (it is bred with Trainwreck after all) the deliriously, silly gleeful feeling we felt after consuming this flower using a water pipe is not easily matched. Though this strain might not be the best for working out, it is completely suitable for daytime use as long as youre not doing anything too strenuous.

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