Lemonade, Hardcore Grapes, Gelato - 3PC

Lemonade, Hardcore Grapes, Gelato - 3PC

West Coast Cure's 3-piece Cured Joints offers a selection of joints made from the highest quality buds available. Lemonade is a mostly Indica strain with high potency and aromas that reek of fresh lemon. With a citrusy flavor to match, the high-THC content of this bud are perfect for easing pain, reducing anxiety and combating insomnia. Hardcore Grapes is an Indica-dominant Hybrid where a complex flavor profile with the sweetness of Grape and Hardcore complement each other well. The aroma is pungent, and the taste holds notes of grape, berry, honey and sweet tea. Their Gelato strain is a tasty Hybrid descended from the equally delicious and potent Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert. This THC motherload may be a bit much for new consumers, but with heavy-handed physical relaxation and invigorated mental agility, Gelato is the perfect strain for creative productivity and pain relief during the day.

Available in .5g and 1g


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