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Tropicanna (CBX) Tropicanna (CBX)

Cannabiotix's two time award-winning Tropicanna was selected as one of high times top ten best tasting strains in 2015. The cross are between Big Bud and White Widow. This sativa offers an uplifting aroma of fresh squeezed orange juice mixed with tangy pineapple. This strain offers cerebral and uplifting highs, perfect for energizing during the day or inspiring creativity.

1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $52
1/4 Oz $98
1/2 Oz $183
Oz $341
Black Afghan (DGF) Black Afghan (DGF)

Black Afghan is a complex indica-dominant strain with euphoric and relaxing effects. The flowers develop as jade, pine tree-shaped colas with dark green, nearly black sugar leaves. Black Afghan’s terpene profile is an aromatic mixture of pepper, earth, and sage smothered in dark berries, alluding to the strain’s cerebral and physical effects. This strain’s heady, uplifted buzz and relaxing, munchie-inducing body effects make it perfect for a lazy afternoon.

1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $52
1/4 Oz $98
1/2 Oz $183
Oz $341
Diamond Dust - Virtue Diamond Dust - Virtue
THC: 23.31 %

b-myrcene - 2.3 Linalool - 2.1 b-caryophllene - 1.7

1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $60
Nightmare Cookies (DGF) Nightmare Cookies (DGF)

The Facility - (Indica-Hybrid) The commonsense cross of White Nightmareand Girl Scout Cookies, Nightmare Cookies is a hybrid strain that locks the consumer to the couch while delivering robust, uplifting euphoria. Nightmare Cookies exhibits beautiful purple hues, bright orange pistils, and an aroma that is thick with pine sap, earth, and sweetness. Enjoy this strain toward the end of the day to capitalize on its relaxing effects, appetite stimulation, and overall sedation

1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $52
1/4 Oz $98
1/2 Oz $183
Oz $341
Star Dawg (BG) Star Dawg (BG)

Blossom Group.  Stardawg, possibly named after the bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that blanket the strain like stars, is a hybrid cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel color Stardawg, whose uplifting effects may help patients treating stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders. 

1 Gram $15
1/8 Oz $43
1/4 Oz $82
1/2 Oz $158
Oz $295
Emerald Cookies - Virtue Emerald Cookies - Virtue
THC: 22.71 % CBD: 0.05 %

bCaryophyllene 4.7mg  trans-nerlidol 1.8mg Linalool 1.2

1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $60


Jungle Juice distillate (.5g) - AMA Jungle Juice distillate (.5g) - AMA
THC: 85.95 % CBD: 0.18 %

b-myrcene - 42.56 limonene - 14.09 a-pinene - 10.63

1/2 Gram $42
OG x CBD .5g shatter OG x CBD .5g shatter
THC: 52.62 % CBD: 21.60 %

Limonene 8.1 Caryophyllene 8 Terpinolene 3.74

Single unit $33
Lemon Larry Honeycomb (TCVG) Lemon Larry Honeycomb (TCVG)

By The Cannavative Group - Indica (Larry OG X Super Lemon OG)  

1/2 Gram $25
1 Gram $45
Papaya Sugar - AMA Papaya Sugar - AMA
THC: 67.60 % CBD: 0.17 %

b-Caryophyllene - 5.39 b-Myrcene - 4.41 Linalool - 2.42

1/2 Gram $30
Cherry Pie Sugar - AMA Cherry Pie Sugar - AMA
THC: 65.30 % CBD: 0.32 %

b-Caryophyllene - 3.97 Linalool - 2.13 a-Pinene - 1.38

1/2 Gram $30


OG Cartridge - Rove OG Cartridge - Rove
THC: 74.10 % CBD: 0.36 %

.5g THC74.1 "Limonene 25.29   Caryophyllene 24.76   Myrcene 24.61"1GTHC74.1 "Limonene 25.29   Caryophyllene 24.76   Myrcene 24.61"

1/2 Gram $55
1 Gram $95
Haze Cartridge - Rove Haze Cartridge - Rove

.5g THC 82.59 Limonene - 32.11 Linalool - 23.77   Caryophyllene 17.371G THC65.36 Linalool 17.6   myrcene 14.8   Caryophyllene 11.1

1/2 Gram $55
1 Gram $95
Kush Cartridge - Rove Kush Cartridge - Rove

THC 73.79%-    (.5g) Limonene 18.44   Linalool 11.54   Myrcene 10.28THC 73.79%-    (1g) Limonene 18.44   Linalool 11.54   Myrcene 10.28

1/2 Gram $55
1 Gram $95
Ape Cartridge - Rove Ape Cartridge - Rove

.5G THC82.80% Myrcene 18.25   Caryophyllene 5.88   Pinene 2.751GTHC82.80%Myrcene 18.25   Caryophyllene 5.88   Pinene 2.75

1/2 Gram $55
1 Gram $95
Cookies ProPack - Rove Cookies ProPack - Rove
THC: 77.88 % CBD: 0.54 %

One gram cartridge with discreet battery.

Single unit $120
Glue Cartridge - Rove Glue Cartridge - Rove

thc 67.20 (.5g) Limonene - 16.39   Caryophyllene - 9.48  Myrcene - 8.47thc 82.15 (1g) Limonene - 47.3 Caryophyllene - 28.2 Myrcene - 16.6

1/2 Gram $55
1 Gram $95


Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar (REC) - Evergreen Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar (REC) - Evergreen
THC: 99.50 %

24 Servings - 4.14 mg Per Serving

Single unit $32


XXX OG Preroll - Virtue XXX OG Preroll - Virtue
THC: 22.99 % CBD: 0.01 %

aTerpinene 5.7mg bMyrcene 3mg bCaryophyllene 2mg

Single unit $14
Headcheese Preroll - Polaris Headcheese Preroll - Polaris
THC: 23.61 % CBD: 0.08 %

Myrcene - 17 Limonene - 6.3 Caryophyllene - 1.5

Single unit $15
Virtue OG preroll - Virtue Virtue OG preroll - Virtue
THC: 17.75 %

Limonene 4.5mg bMyrcene 2.8mg bCaryophyllene 1.6mg

Single unit $14
Snake Eyes OG Preroll - Virtue Snake Eyes OG Preroll - Virtue
THC: 21.27 % CBD: 0.08 %

Caryophyllene - 3.9      Nerolidol - 3.1     Terpinene - 2.6

Single unit $14


Restore Tincture - Restore Restore Tincture - Restore
THC: 28.40 mg CBD: 547.50 mg

Limonene - 19.6     bPinene - 1.8

Single unit $78
CBD Tincture 300 mg (KYND) CBD Tincture 300 mg (KYND)


Single unit $60
Strainz Elevate Tincture (SST) Strainz Elevate Tincture (SST)

STRAINZ ELEVATE 1:5 RATIO TINCTURE™MINT ESSENCE Elevate is a potent 1:5 tincture blend contains 20mg CBD and 100mg of THC making it ideal for people seeking therapeutic doses of THC with the calming entourage effect of CBD. Produces psychoactivity.

Single unit $22
Strainz Balance Tincture (SST) Strainz Balance Tincture (SST)

STRAINZ BALANCE 1:1 RATIO TINCTURE™ MINT ESSENCE Balance is a 1:1 tincture blend contains 100mg of CBD with 100mg of THC to creates a refreshing uplifting experience. May produce some psychoactivity.

Single unit $30



Rove Battery & USB Rove Battery & USB

A modern product for a modern world. The portable and discreet Rove pen combines convenience with quality, providing relief wherever, whenever. Long lasting 400mah Battery ensures excellent taste and flow.

Single unit $11
Owar Vape Owar Vape

Possibly one of the most powerful wax vape pens on the market, the triple (trial) quartz coil and variable voltage battery give you the exact size puff you would like. The Silicone Jar attached to the bottom is great and its ability to use a ceramic donut coil is another great advantage.

Single unit $40
V 12 Twisty Quartz Blunt V 12 Twisty Quartz Blunt

If you are in a hurry or on the go you don't have time to worry about papers and grinding and rolling. What you need is a glass twisty blunt.

Single unit $25



The O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery has four voltage settings, providing the user with full control over their vaporizing experience. The lowest voltage setting provides users with a mild experience and the highest voltage setting provides users with an intense experience that can be likened to a dab. The O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery is equipped with a rapid charge USB. To activate Rapid Charge Mode, simply swipe your finger across the logo on the charger and the light will ch...

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