10 Of The Most Powerful Women In The Weed Industry

by greenrush
women and weed

Who run the world? Girls! Who run the weed industry? Women! There is no shortage of bad ass babes in the cannabis community (especially those women who smoke weed). From lawmakers to growers, from entrepreneurs to innovators, women and the marijuana industry go hand-in-hand. The cannabis industry is teeming with powerful, smart, and influential weed women who are helping to change the course of history. Here are 10 of our favorite powerful women in the weed industry.


Barbara Lee

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Representing California, Barbara Lee is a progressive Democrat holding office in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1998. Along with fellow California representative Ro Khanna, Lee introduced a bill to the House this January that would legalize marijuana on a federal level. Pushing for legalization on the federal level will improve the livelihood of everyone in the weed industry, and Lee helps to forge this possibility into a reality.


Jane West

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One of our favorite women in cannabis is activist, entrepreneur, and all-around rad lady Jane West. Her eponymous company specializes in smoking accessories designed by women, for women, and she also founded WomenGrow, a networking site for women in the weed industry. Jane West recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign aspect of the company with a goal of just over $1 million dollars: investors can buy into the cannabis company for as little as $100—a great way for just about anyone to get in on the ground floor of the cannabusiness.


Renee Gagnon

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Renee Gagnon breaks down barriers wherever she goes. She’s the first transgender CEO (and first female CEO) of a publicly traded cannabis company, and Gagnon uses her unique position to make the weed industry an inclusive space for everyone. Her company (Thunderbird Biomedical IV, now called EMH.v) was the fifth federally sanctioned marijuana business in Canada, and now she’s focusing on supply distribution in the United States.


Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

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If it’s accomplishments you want, Dr. Lakisha Jones has got them: doctor of naturopathy, member of the American Herbalist Guild, and one of the founders of the California Cannabis Industry Association. Jenkins helped write the California laws that govern cannabis legalization, and she does it all in honor of her daughter Kiona who passed away from cancer in 2012. Jenkins uses her position and knowledge to help elevate other women and people of color in the cannabis industry.


Kate Brown

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Perhaps the Governor of Oregon should change her last name to another color? Kate Brown has leveraged her position to help the weed industry succeed in her state. Not only does she sign laws to support and regulate both medical and recreational sales, Brown (a Democrat) aims to protect the industry from pesky federal interference.


Rachel K. Gillette

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Rife with ever-changing local and outdated federal laws, the weed industry demands the assistance of compassionate and skilled lawyers. That’s where Rachel K. Gillette, a Denver-based attorney, comes in. She founded a law firm specializing in marijuana before becoming a shareholder in Greenspoon Marder, a national law firm able to serve the ever-growing cannabis industry.


Jessica Peters

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Jessica Peters holds the title of President of Moxie Meds, a CBD-focused company, that specializes in women’s health needs. From period cramps to PTSD, Peters leads the way with tinctures and treats that address women-focused physical and mental ailments. Peters believes women are natural healers and that their continued involvement in the weed industry will benefit everyone.


Mary Jane Gibson

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Mary Jane “Yes That Is Her Real Name” Gibson works as the Culture Editor at High Times, the seminal cannabis publication. Gibson brings the entertainment, reviews, and lifestyle sections to life, and she helped to open the magazine’s West Coast office. Gibson is an outspoken advocate of women showing up in the weed industry.


Ophelia Chong

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Not all weed is created equal, and Ophelia Chong knew that when she founded StockPotImages.com. This stock image company serves the cannabis community with high-quality images instead of a photo of some generic bud. Chong’s inspiration came from her sister who uses cannabis to help treat an incurable illness.


Amanda Reiman

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Scientist, researcher, advocate: Amanda Reiman’s contributions to the weed industry are multifaceted. Due to its notoriously precarious legal status with the federal government, cannabis research has not been fully utilized. With more and more states allocating funds to researching the medicinal impacts of cannabis, research is at an all-time high (no pun intended). Reiman’s work with the Drug Policy Alliance helps guide cannabis research initiatives across the country.


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